Solder Seal Connector


50PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors

These have become my new favorite way to connect wires.

  • EASY AND FAST OPERATION: 1 Step solder and seal process for all your connections, insulated and sealed. Just strip your wires, insert them into the connector and apply heat.
  • EASY IDENTIFICATION – Color-coded tubing makes it easy to identify the right size of the connector for every application. Measure your wire, and easily choose the right connector by looking at wire size chart on the box.
  • INSULATION AND WATERPROOF: Insulation tubing has unique dual-walled design-Polyolefin tubing in outside and hot melt rings in inside effectively improve waterproof performance to make sure the best results.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: Comply with all relevant standards, Shrinking ratio: 2:1. Ideal used for Automotive, Marine and other Outdoor Applications.
  • GUARANTEE AND FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE: We have a commitment to every buyer 100% satisfaction. If you have any problem about our products, just contact us anytime you feel convenient.
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Technical Specifications:

Shrinkage ratio 2:1

Dual-walled design tubing: polyolefin tubing on the outside and hot melt adhesive inside

Color coded connector tubing

Heat activated waterproof adhesive

Low temperature solder sleeve

Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C

Minimum temperature for solder to melt: 138°C


✔An easy one step connection of wires.

✔Soldered, insulated and sealed can be ideal.

✔Use in marine and automobile applications.

✔Melt adhesive in inside solder and seal and with advanced waterproof function.

✔Polyolefin heat shrink butt connectors improved pullout strength.

✔Provide seal, strain relief, cable check and insulation.

Sizes and Quantity:

AWG 12-10 Yellow Connectors: Diameter 6.0 mm, Cable cross-section 4.0 – 6.0 mm² :         5pcs

AWG 16-14 Blue Connectors:    Diameter 4.5mm, Cable cross-section 1.5 – 2.5 mm² :           12pcs

AWG 22-18 Red Connectors:     Diameter 2.7 mm, Cable cross-section 0.5 -1.0 mm² :          23pcs

AWG 26-24 White Connectors:  Diameter 1.7 mm, Cable cross-section 0.25 – 0.34 mm² :      10pcs

Friendly Reminder: For best results we recommend the use a heat gun!