Quick Connect for PTFE Tubing on a Bowden Hotend


  • 10 x PC4-M10 pneumatic male straight quick connector for E3D-V6 long-distance bowden extruder 3D printer
  • PTFE Tubing Outer Diameter: 4 mm. Thread: 6mm
  • The upper part(black) can be inserted PTFE tube and self-locking
  • Made of high quality stainless steel, oxidation resistant and rust resistant, increase the life
  • Good fittings and high performance. Effectively prevent clogs from happening! Maximum operating temperature 280℃

YOTINO PC4-M10 Pneumatic Male Straight Quick for E3D-V6 Long Distance Bowden Extruder 3D Printer
Good quality fittings and worked well for the application. Effectively prevent the jam from happening!

PC4-M10 E3D V6 Pneumatic Connector for Bowden Extruder ¨C Push Fit ¨C PTFE
PTFE Tubing OD: 4mm
Thread: 6mm
Net Weight: 6g/pcs

Color: black and silver
Material: stainless steel

✔Widely used for connecting bowden extruder
✔Easy to connect by inserting the tube and it will automatically lock tight.
✔Easy to disconnect tube by one push on the black cap.
✔PC4-M10: the upper part can be inserted 4MM diameter tube and self-locking, the following thread were M10 and 1 points (about 9.6MM)

Package Include: 
10 x PC4-M10 male straight pneumatic connector

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