Patreon Designs


You get access to all of the exclusive designs by Kong Chho by becoming a $1 patron!  Every donation makes a big difference!

More Info:

I love creating fun 3D prints and going over video tutorials of how everything is done – but there are obviously costs involved with this process.  As a Patron you will help first with material and electricity costs, and will help fund larger and more fun giveaways as this grows.

But you will not only be helping me to create further videos – but you will have access to designs not available to the public!  Awesome busts, figurines, and other designs made by pro designer Kong Chho are available to all Patrons and to no one else!

Patrons of $5 or more will get access to both the Kindle and .PDF format version of my detailed book – 3D Printing Failures: How to Diagnose and Fix all 3D Printing Issue ($8.99 value)

Current .STL files that are available after becoming a $1 Patron:
– Handsome Squidward Bust
– Green Lantern (Both John Stewart and Hal Jordan)
– Mr. Sunday Movies Goat Solo Logo
– Elastigirl Statue
– Mr. Incredible Statue
– Krombopulous Michael Bust
– Birdperson Bust
– Rocko’s Modern Life Toy
– Conor McGregor Bust

Please note that you are not to share these files with anyone, whether for free or for sale.  I have no problem with any prints of these designs being sold (Etsy/elsewhere), just make sure you link to this Patreon and credit Kong Chho for the design.